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As the only university in Pomerania offering the opportunity to study cosmetology, we invite you to study with us at the bachelor’s level. Full-time and extramural modes of study are available.

Cosmetology as a profession has been known since ancient times, but only in recent years has the demand for beauty and health specialists, increased. Cosmetology is a field that combines aspects of different areas – dermatology, aesthetic medicine, anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, allergology, physiotherapy and many others, all intrinsic to the human body, and thus also to medicine. Our goal is to prepare our students for being professional cosmetologists. We want to teach you how to become specialists in this field.

The learning outcomes we aim to achieve are both theoretical and practical. Knowledge is essential for the proper exercise of one’s profession. Classes in professionally equipped laboratories supervised by highly qualified specialists working in the beauty and medical industries will help you achieve high results. While studying cosmetology, you will learn how the body functions, you will discover the secrets of the human body and the rules that govern it. We will teach you how to select treatments for specific cases, how to perform them correctly and when not to do them.

You will learn the operating rules of specialized equipment used in cosmetology: when to use it and how to use it. You will find out how to perform podology treatments and how to deal with various podological problems. You will learn how to make your own cosmetics based on  a formula by making appropriate chemical calculations. You will also find out how to determine the influence of the ingredients of a given cosmetic product on biochemical processes in the skin. You will learn the principles of analysing the influence of various stimuli on the human body, including aromatherapy. You will gain the knowledge necessary to diagnose medical conditions and learn how to cooperate with specialists in this field.

You will also find out how the canon of beauty has changed over the years, what used to be considered tasteful and what still is today. You will learn how to do different types of makeup and  what to consider when proposing a customised look. We will show you how to be a good cosmetologist – emphatic and customer-friendly, knowing and following ethical rules and capable of managing your own beauty salon.

Make the world more beautiful, take care of your future – join us!


Gdansk College of Health invites you to the course of Dietetics at the bachelor’s level. We run 3-year studies in full-time and extramural modes. You will get your bachelor’s degree when you graduate.

The World Health Organisation reports that there are over 400 million adults currently suffering from obesity and around 1. 6 billion who are overweight. In addition, obesity is classified as one of the top ten diseases – risk factors that increase the number of deaths. For this reason, they are called the plague of the 21st century.

The main causes of the morbidity are: poor nutrition, including overeating, lack of care for good food composition, inaccurate and hasty eating, and lifestyle: lack of exercise and excessive stress. So how should we eat to stay healthy and full of energy? How to help a person who already suffers from this type of disease? The answer can be given by a dietician – a specialist who has knowledge about proper nutrition, knows the principles of human body functioning and at the same time has therapeutic predispositions.

The expected learning outcomes are not only physical but also psychological. By studying dietetics, you will learn how the human body works and what processes take place in it. You will learn how to design a proper diet for both ill and healthy people, taking into account their genetic characteristics, food intolerances, allergies, lifestyle and private preferences. You will gain knowledge about designing and conducting technological processes used in food production. You will get to know the methods of evaluation of nutrition and diet of young people, adults, elderly people, pregnant women, people practicing different sports and living in different environmental conditions. You will also learn what communication with the patient (and their family) should look like, what to look out for and what to follow when talking to them.

In the course of three years of study you will acquire many new skills – among others, you will learn how to conduct a nutritional interview, give individual and group advice, operate and use special devices designed to identify selected food ingredients and prepare food. You will be able to plan and implement appropriate dietary management in order to prevent and treat diet-related diseases. You will also learn the principles of interaction between medications and food.

As a college with a practical profile, we place great emphasis on practical activities and work experience. We have a didactic background to ensure the best possible acquisition of the necessary skills, and a highly qualified staff, which includes the leading specialists from Tricity.

Study Dietetics – let us show you how to help people!


We invite you to take up a 5-year Master’s degree in Physiotherapy programme (full-time or extramural mode).

An old saying goes, ‘A sound mind in a sound body’. Physiotherapy course will teach you how to keep your body healthy, how to treat it in case of illness, how to work with ill and disabled people. Nowadays , with the prevailing cult of health and the body, there is a growing demand for physiotherapists who, thanks to their skills, help to maintain, develop and restore human motor skills.

The learning outcomes are oriented towards both the theoretical aspect and the practical application of knowledge. Thanks to our well-equipped laboratories and teaching staff consisting of the best specialists, we can provide you with excellent learning conditions. By studying Physiotherapy, you will learn the secrets of the human body, gain knowledge about the course of many diseases ,learn what to do in specific situations, how to deal with the elderly, pregnant women or children. We will show you how to communicate with your patient, what difficulties can arise during communication and how to overcome them. You will get to know the ethical issues connected with physiotherapist’s work, we will make you aware of what you should pay attention to while keeping medical records, you will get to know the rules of creating and developing your own business.

You will also gain a lot of practical skills, among others we will teach you how to perform physical therapy, kinesitherapy, massage and manual therapy as well as other physiotherapeutic methods. You will learn how to control the effects of physiotherapeutic procedures and how to select medical devices for specific dysfunctions and patient’s needs. We will teach you how to take care of your own health, physical culture and education, and how to motivate others to do so.

With us you will gain knowledge and skills necessary in the profession of a physiotherapist. You will learn and understand the competences that will help you to become an excellent specialist.

After completing your studies in Physiotherapy, you will be able to take the State Physiotherapy Examination (PEF), after passing which you will be entitled to practise as a physiotherapist (Dz. U. of 2015, item. 1994 about the profession of physiotherapist).

Take care of your own and others’ health – become a physiotherapist!

If you have any questions do not hestitate to contact us!
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